Our Investing Strategy

We locate and secure distressed houses or raw land and purchase them under market value.
We line up funding from our private investors in order to pursue the project.
We add value through interior and exterior renovations, or through new construction.
We either sell or refinance the property in order to payback our private investors.

How Do We Protect Our Private Investor’s Capital?

Every week we analyze hundreds of properties in order to pick the ones that work within our criteria. We only go after low risk, high opportunity properties that will produce in TODAY’s market – we do not rely on appreciation of assets.

  • We purchase properties at 65% – 70% of their value, maximum
    • This gives us equity from Day 1 and makes us more resistant to any market recession

  • We have defined exit strategies
    • Knowing our plan and timeline gives you clear direction on when & how you will get your investment back
  • We cater to the first time home buyer market ($300K price and below)
    • This ensures our homes fly off the shelf, inventory is very low!

  • Your money is secured as a lien against our projects
    • This guarantees that your investment is protected
1609 Scott Rd Statesville, NC
Investment: $119,500
Sale Price: $172,250
Timeline: 5 Months
4152 Blenhein Rd Charlotte, NC
Investment: $104,000
Sale Price: $159,750
Timeline: 6 Months
9478 Kings Falls Dr Charlotte, NC
Investment: $145,000
Sale Price: $205,000
Timeline: 5 Months

We offer investors guaranteed high returns with minimal risk

  • 13% APR investment returns
  • Fast returns – projects typically are less than 1 year
  • Secured by real property with 30%+ equity
  • Peace of mind – “Know” your returns vs. “hope” to get a high return

Source: J.P. Morgan Asset Management; Barclays, Bloomberg, Standard and Poor’s. REITs: NAREIT Equity REIT Index. S&P 500: Index average from 1957 to 2018. Bonds: Bloomberg Barclays U.S. aggregate index. Inflation: CPI. All returns listed are annualized.

Invest in a market with continued GROWTH!

We currently invest in the Greater Charlotte, NC area.

Charlotte is currently the 3rd fastest growing major US city. If its population growth continues, Charlotte’s population is set to surge by 47% from 2010 to 2030, growing from 1.87 million to about 2.74 million in just twenty years.

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